I am an artist and photographer. My main mediums are: photography,
installations and graphics. With my works I want to convey a certain
acute, subtle sense of the relationship between nature and a human
in the present, their destructive unity, the beauty and fragility of this
In my photographs I tend to represent reality as a combination of constantly interacting hybrid organisms and totems . By totems I mean
my sculptures seria. I use different objects found in the street and connect them with clay elements I make. It is fascinating how human-
made clay modules (artificial) meet and contrast with objects
from chaotic streets(natural) by reorganizing and reshaping them.
Clay elements help to detach objects' shapes from their functions.
Objects feature deconstruction helps to look at them form a completely different angle. The most ordinary fragment of a car headlight or a stone can become a part of a future permanent sculpture. It is important for me to document these fragile objects, because their existence in real life is impossible. So, in the utmost concentration, finding a balance between objects, I collect an album of portraits of places and sensations.
After the picture is taken, I destroy the object and free up the space.
The world is constantly and rapidly changing – and I see my role in recording the world states.